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Fire Suppression

Fire suppression priorities are the safety and protection of life, incident stabilization and property preservation. SLCF&R is comprised of a Fire District that is 132 square miles. All South Lane County Fire supression personnel regularly participate in suppression training, fire safety, rescue, emergency medical, and other fire-related training and educational programs. SLCF&R Personnel are trained and equipped to respond to structure, vehicle and wildland fires.

SLCF&R's fire fighting strategy involves the following basic procedures:

  • Arriving at the scene of the fire as quickly and safely as possible witchergatewayfire
  • Assessing the nature of the fire by determining intensity/extent
  • Locating and rescuing endangered persons
  • Determining type and abundance of fuel
  • Assessing potential danger of entering the fire area
  • Deciding most effective techniques for extinguishing the fire
  • Containing the fire by protecting adjacent areas
  • Ventilating the fire area to allow for the escape of heat and toxic gases
  • Extinguishing the fire

Fires located in the cities of Cottage Grove and Creswell that require more water than what is carried on the engine typically utilize fire hydrants for water supply. For fires located outside of the city, SLCF&R relies on the use of "water tender" apparatus that are capable of transporting up to 3,500 gallons of water. SLCF&R houses (4) of these water tenders stategically located throughout the district.

SLCF&R also responds to wildland fires in our area, and have specialized apparatus and training that allow us to effectively control these types of fires. 

South Lane Fire & Rescue is also included in the Lane County Wildland Firefighting Taskforce. When called upon, South Lane County Fire & Rescue personnel respond with specialized apparatus to provide assistance with wildland fires outside of our service area. 

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