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Emergency Medical Services

JPARSONS-INTUBATIONSouth Lane County Fire & Rescue (SLCF&R) provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to residents and visitors in Creswell, Cottage Grove and rural South Lane County in an 800 square mile ambulance service area.  SLCF&R responds to approximately 5000 calls each year.  

Paramedics and EMT's are trained professionals who respond to emergency medical situations. Prehospital care providers are classified in levels, depending upon their degree of training.  In Oregon there are 3 general levels of prehospital care providers: EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic.

Emergency Medical Technician

Becoming an EMT requires specialized training, as well as an internship in a hospital emergency room and on a transport ambulance.  An EMT delivers a standard of care known as Basic Life Support (BLS), and performs life saving skills such as using automated external defibrillators (AED), CPR, bleeding control, splinting, oxygen therapy and administration of epinephrine for a severe allergic reaction. EMT training allows first responders to assess medical situations and stabilize patients for transport. Patients with more severe illnesses or injuries often require ALS care provided by Paramedics for further stabilization and transport.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

This level of Emergency Medical Technician bridges the gap between an EMT and Paramedic.  In addition to performing all the functions of an EMT an A-EMT has additional skills and training which include: the use of manual defibrillators and cardiac monitors, establishing intravenous access and administering certain IV medications.


 All SLCF&R career personnel are certified to the level of Paramedic. Paramedic certification in Oregon is obtained through a 2 year Associates Degree. To become a paramedic, extensive training and internships on both the ambulance and in the hospital setting are required. Paramedics are able to assess and treat a larger range of injuries and illnesses, and can deliver many lifesaving drugs to patients in the field. Paramedics perform Advanced Life Support (ALS) procedures, some of which include: endotracheal intubation, rapid sequence intubation (RSI), cricothyrotomy, needle chest decompression and administration of IV fluids and medications. Paramedics can also analyze 12 lead ECG's to help make early determination of heart attacks in the field, delivering patients to the appropriate hospital more efficiently and better treating and stabilizing the patient en route.

Ambulance Service

  • SLCFR Ambulance Medic ServiceThe ambulance service area (ASA) covers an area of about 800 square miles which includes the fire district.
  • In 2018, the District responded to nearly 4,057 emergency and non-emergency calls for service. 
  • 3,651 were EMS related and the remaining 406 were Fire/ Misc.
  • 671 (26%) calls for service were located in the Station 2-3 (Creswell) reponse area.
  • 1932 calls for service were located in the Station 2-1 (Cottage Grove) response area.
  • Of the ambulance calls, approximately 77% of patients are transported
  • 85% of patients are transported to Eugene or Springfield hospitals and the remaining 15% to Cottage Grove Hospital.

South Lane County Fire and Rescue relies heavily on the utilization of Resident Reserves who respond in conjuction with career staff to emergency scenes. For information regarding reserve opportunites please visit our "Resident Reserves" page.

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