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Call to Order                                                            President Cheryl Shannon

Pledge of Allegiance                                               PresidentCheryl Shannon

Roll Call                                                                    Leesa Doerrie

Agenda Approval/Adjustments                              President Cheryl Shannon

Minutes from Previous Meeting(s)                         President Cheryl Shannon


March 18, 2021 Regular Board Meeting Minutes




Email from Erin with the Creswell Chronicle-Request for Documentation

Chief’s Memo AIC-Captains list from Officer Development Program



 Strategic Planning Update

FY 21/22 Budget



Board Resolution 20-20 Chevrolet Life Line Ambulance Surplus Property

Board Resolution 20-21 Accepting and Distributing Unanticipated Funds (Conflagration)

Board Resolution 20-22 Accepting and Distributing Unanticipated Funds (Sale of Tender)

Appoint Budget Committee Member Debby Stumph



 Financial statements presented for acceptance               Linda Adler

Bills presented for payment/approval                                Linda Adler

Bank Statement review Umpqua and Banner Bank          Linda Adler




Chief Wooten’s Review-July 2021



Chief Wooten

Division Chief/Shift Commander



Local 851

Volunteer Association



Cheryl Shannon

Dan Duffy

Tom Munroe

Joel Higdon

Chris Holloman




April 15, 2021 Board Meeting 6:00pm.

May 19, 2021 Budget Committee Meeting 6:00pm

May 20, 2021 Board Meeting at 7:00pm

June 17, 2021 Budget Hearing 7:00pm with Regular Board Meeting directly after.

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FireMed applications for 20/21 are no longer being accepted for the month of April. Information about the FireMed program can be found on our FireMed information page by clicking HERE. If you are interested in FireMed for the 21/22 year please return on or after May 1, 2021 when our online application system will be enabled. 

Board Meeting Summary

March 18, 2021

The SLCFR Board of Directors held a regular business meeting on March 18, 2021 at 1800 hrs. Due to technical difficulties with the audio feed during the meeting the following summary of the Board Meeting is being provided. The draft minutes from the meeting will be posted in our Public Records section on our website when completed.

Called to Order: President Shannon called the meeting to order at 1800 hours.

Roll Call: Present: Cheryl Shannon, Dan Duffy, Tom Munroe, Chris Holloman

 Absent: Joel Higdon

Board Member Oath: President Shannon Swore in Chris Holloman to Position 4

Agenda Approval/Adjustments: Motion unanimously approved with adjustments.

  1. Chief Wooten- Add Awards and Presentations under New Business

  2. Tom Munroe- Restore Pledge of Allegiance to the Agenda

Minutes from Previous Meetings: Motion Unanimously approved as presented.

  1. Work Session Minutes- January 21, 2021

  2. Regular Board Meeting Minutes- January 21, 2021

Correspondence: President Shannon recognized correspondence.

  1. Thank you card from Zachary Burrece

Old Business:

  1. Swear in new Board Member Chris Holliman- (Moved to top of Agenda)

  2. Strategic Plan Update: Chief Wooten provided an update on the timeline and requested the Board approve extending the Plan timeline by one year. Motion unanimously approved.

New Business:

  1. Approve the Audit for FY19/02- Motion Unanimously Approved

  2. Re-affirm-Appoint Budget Committee Members (3 year terms)

    1. Mike Fleck – Re-appointed

    2. Gary Manly- Re-appointed

    3. Jim Thiel- Re-appointed

  3. Chief Services Agreement- Motion Unanimously Approved

  • Chief Wooten’s Contract approved for July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024

  1. Creation of Facilities Advisory Committee- Motion passed unanimously

    1. Renames Creswell Station Committee

    2. Committee will provide input on planning for District facilities

    3. Creswell Fire Station

    4. Remodel/Expand Cottage Grove station

    5. Saginaw and Camas Swale station updates

  2. FY21/22 Budget- Budget process update and timelines provided by Chief Wooten

    1. Board Work Session on April 15, 2021 at 1800 hours to review interest letters and interview candidates.

    2. Budget Committee Meeting- May 19, 2021 at 1800 hours

    3. Budget Hearing- June 17, 2021 at 1800 hours

  3. Chief Wooten presented a certificate of appreciation to Division Chief Smith for the new mural at Station 201 in the training room and for success of the District’s Career Development and training programs.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion unanimously approved to accept financial reports and bill payments.

Board Policy Review: No action

Items for Future Agenda:

  1. Resolution to accept and distribute unanticipated revenue

Management Team Updates:

  1. Cheif Wooten

    1. Thanked the Board for renewing his contract for four more years.

    2. New ambulance going into service soon.

    3. New brush truck being built by Cascade Fire Equipment in Medford.

    4. Two new pick-ups will be 2022 chassis instead of 2021 because GM cancelled all existing fleet orders for 2021s.

  2. Division Chief Smith- Training Officer

    1. Officer Development Program completed.

    2. Other program updates

Board Member Comments:

  1. The Board congratulated Division Chief Smith and commended him for the mural and achievements with the Districts Training.

  2. The Board thanked the District’s personnel for all their efforts with COVID-19.

John Wooten

Fire Chief

March 22, 2021

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Lane County and the University of Oregon’s Institute for Policy Research and Engagement are working to develop six area-specific emergency evacuation plans, as well as a process for developing additional emergency evacuation plans for other areas of Lane County.

“We know that the worst can happen here and we all need to be as prepared as possible to evacuate in the face of an emergency,” said Lane County Emergency Manager Patence Winningham. “Lane County has a number of rural communities with limited road access and a higher danger of fire, flooding or severe winter storms. Creating specific evacuation plans will help our residents be better prepared for our next emergency.”

A brief survey will help the project team become familiar with Lane County residents' understanding of and preparedness for evacuation due to a wildfire, flood, or other emergency events.

The survey is available at www.lanecounty.org/evacplanning. It will remain open through March 31, 2021. 

“While evacuation planning is an important step in enhancing our collective preparedness for emergencies, when communications fail, we should all have a plan.  Residents should always be ready to make the best possible decision for their safety in an emergency and have their own emergency plans in place as well,” said Winningham.

The six areas included in the grant-funded program are: Mapleton, Swisshome, Crow-Applegate, Lorane, Row River and the area served by Eugene #1 Rural Fire Protection District.

 The project is funded by a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant awarded to the Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience and Oregon Emergency Management, which submitted the application on behalf of Lane County.

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